Thursday, April 05, 2007

Colleague Convos - More Bathroom Issues

In the gym this evening, Victoria was telling me about an instant message conversation that Julie sent her this morning while beginning the first day in our new cubicles on our new floor:

Julie on IM: I was washing my hands in the bathroom just now ...
Victoria on IM: Yea.......
Julie on IM: This woman walked into the bathroom and went into one of the stalls with a magazine ...
Victoria on IM: lol
Julie on IM: NO SHAME!!!

Bonus convo and camera phone photo op:
And earlier today, Victoria - who just joined our division in February - came to check out my new set-up and noticed the yoga gingerbread cookie that Julie had given me for Christmas. Most of us found the cookies so hilarious that we kept them in their original packaging.

"I know those cookies that Julie gave all of you are meant to be various yoga positions, but don't some of them remind you of certain sex positions?" she asked as she turned to face me and half sit on my desk.

"As a matter of fact ..." I replied, and then I told her about this.
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Dina said...

that is classic!! this one in this one looks like he ( or she ) could be pole dancing!!