Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Phone Photo Op - Free Ben & Jerry's

Life goes on, of course. And it went on with free Ben & Jerry's ice cream around the United States yesterday. Below was the line for the annual free day at 43rd Street and Eighth Avenue. I instantly decided not to wait in this line, but did pause long enough to take a camera phone picture of those who were.

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I'd rather pay five bucks for a pint of Ben & Jerry's than wait in that line. I did neither, of course, especially after having skipped my Tuesday cardio kickboxing class last night for the first time in three months - thus proving that I am indeed subject to temporary bouts of poor will power. Not to mention an evening a few weeks ago when I devoured half a box of Famous Amos cookies in one seating.

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Dina said...

Famous Amos...thee cookie of allll time!! I wouldn't stand in that line, free or not. Haagan Daaz mayyybe.....that is a better ice cream!