Friday, April 27, 2007


In Amy's New York Notebook, an April 20th blog offers it condolences to the family of Julia Campbell, a former colleague of Amy Langfield at Julia was murdered in the Philippines earlier this month, where she was working in the Peace Corps - and keeping a blog about her experiences.

From (19 Apr 2007):
NEW YORK – Julia Campbell was no stranger to adventurous exploits.

As a journalist in New York City, she was a tenacious reporter, at one point getting arrested covering the funeral procession of rapper Notorious B.I.G. She once cut short a date after coming across a crime scene so she could report on the story.

Her adventurous spirit later took her to the Philippines, where she served as a Peace Corps volunteer. It was there that her body was discovered Wednesday in a shallow grave, unearthed by a stray dog more than a week after she disappeared while hiking.
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The last post in Julia's blog is ironically titled "Buhay Pa Tayo." In it, she wrote: "One of the most familiar phrases people say here when you ask them how they are is "Eto" (here) or "Buhay pa" (still alive). Never has it had more meaning than in recent weeks here as we recover from one of the worst typhoons to hit the Philippines in decades."

Hundreds have left comments in her blog - much in the way that mourners have left messages on the myspace pages of those who died at Virginia Tech. The Internet has created a new outlet in which technology further aids memories - beyond simple photographs and video - in keeping loved ones buhay in hearts and minds.

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Xinefoto said...

Thanks for sharing that. I feel a deep sadness although I didn't know her. Wow, life is so fragile.