Monday, April 16, 2007

In Bryce's Words

Taking a break from becoming a New Yorker to reflect on today's tragedy as the world - nor this blog (evident in the way my content often wonders) - revolve around me. There just doesn't seem to be anything more important to blog about in my day.

I did go on with my entire workday and went to the gym this evening for my spinning class as is the usual for me on my New York Mondays. However, the day had become unusual this morning when a man, who had called our office to follow up regarding an advertising partnership proposal that had been sent to our avp, director of marketing, concluded our brief conversation with: "I hope you do not have family or friends at Virginia Tech."

Of course I asked why and he told me. At that time, the death toll was still projected at 22.

A student at Virginia Tech live-blogged the horrific events that took place on his campus as they happened.

It's one of those days when thousands are wishing it had been a usual Monday. And it's hard to image what it's like where news like today's is the unfortunate norm, but it is in other parts of the world.

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