Sunday, April 29, 2007

BNY [heart] SB

My blog has fallen in love with SUBWAYblogger's blog. It's an innocent crush really, in which my blog feels the need to link to SUBWAYblogger's posts (see below for a few recent favorites) because they are just so damn funny. Cynical and sarcastic humor is one of my favorite personality characteristics. Who doesn't love a good asshole?

Evil fun with Red Sox fans
Litter on tracks cause FIRE
Wet enough for you?

And if we wanted to make it a virtual blogger threesome, a hilarious post from "I Hate Duane Reade" - Duane Reade: Missed Connections.

1 comment:

Xinefoto said...

Oh my god! Someone who hates DR as much or more than me?! I never thought that possible.