Saturday, April 07, 2007

Fanciful Flash Foward of Future Self

Earlier this week, I met Meredith, a new friend and the publisher of an intellectual magazine, for lunch at Pershing Square Cafe. We were introduced at the Trump International Hotel & Tower after Kev's game in January, and we planned to stay in contact since we are essentially of the same [publishing] world.

Meredith has the future that I aspire to have. Successful, glamorous career. Ambitious, charming and loyal fiance. Dual addresses between Manhattan and Miami. The world at her fingertips and New York City at her feet. And I'm not just writing that because she knows about this blog.

During lunch, I found myself secretly hoping that her reflection was a flash forward of what my life in New York City could one day be. I guess it's not so secret now if she ever reads this; though these words aren't intended to flatter but rather to record my actual thoughts and moments as I have them.

As I was walking the two blocks back to my office after lunch, I was thinking about how insanely small the world can feel at times: Terrence and Kevin were roommates in a North Carolina college, Jason is Kevin's agent, Meredith is engaged to Jason, Meredith and I work less than four blocks apart on the same street in midtown Manhattan.

I am less inclined to believe that things happen for a reason; I'm more of a "shit happens" kind of girl, but I still marvel at how things sometimes turn out. I may never have the exact future that I fancy, but I'm finding that the pursuit of having it is rewarding in other ways. Even the pursuit itself has the world at my own fingertips and New York City at my own feet.

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Dina said...

It's much better to believe that theres a reason for everything, you don't want to believe in Shit..cuz that's all you end up with...there IS MORE...You didn't get the journey your living because shit happens...its cuz your sooo incrediably talented , smart & beautiful I'm sure!