Sunday, April 22, 2007

Tracing the City in My Footsteps

Maybe it's the recent great weather coupled with a place that I love, but it seems like it took moving to the big city to turn me into an outdoor gal. Yesterday I hopped off the train at 42nd Street and walked to 23rd and over an avenue or two to get my eyebrows threaded and run other errands.

And today I went down to the Lower East Side for City Walk #5, and then decided to walk up Second Avenue from East Houston to my favorite $10-pedicure nail salon on East 26th Street (roughly 27 blocks). After receiving a french pedicure and a quick manicure to match, I switched from my tennis shoes to flip-flops and hiked another 32 blocks to The Container Store on Lexington & 58th. Finally with bags in tow, I crossed town to 59th Street-Columbus Circle to catch an uptown 1 train.

I might have worked off some calories, but I put them right back on with a small cup of ice cream from Cold Stone Creamery, which I consumed along several blocks on Second Avenue.

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