Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Colleague Convos - Stall & Order

Around 2 p.m.:
I happened to walk to the bathroom at the same time as our division's SVP. I followed her to the row of stalls as we chatted about our upcoming office relocation to a higher floor in the building.

As we entered our separate stalls, our conversation paused briefly and I began to feel awkward. I hoped the silence on her side of the partition wasn't as uncomfortable as it felt on my side. For me, it suddenly seemed weird to be peeing next to a major executive for the company.

As we washed our hands, the conversation continued normally and we chatted as we returned to the office suite. But I found myself making a mental note to not follow her or any other high-level executives into bathrooms.

I wonder if it's ever been weird for any of our male executive assistants to stand at a urinal next to our CFO.

Around 4 p.m.:
Julie: "Gloria and I saw a celebrity today on our way to [the downtown office building]."
Victoria and I: "Who?!?!"
Julie and Gloria: "Sam Waterson."
Victoria and I: "Who ... ?"
Gloria: "The guy from Law & Order."
Me: "I thought he was dead."
Victoria and I google Sam Waterson and then still in unison: "Ohhhh ..."
Gloria [to me]: "You were thinking of Jerry Orbach."
I google Jerry Orbach: "Oh yea. He's dead."

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Dina said...

your soooo funny. i think the awkwardness comes from not "knowing" what the other is there to doo do...haha, sorry, but that might be the case?!