Thursday, April 26, 2007

Phone Photo Op - Pretty in Prank

My boss (the VP one) wanted to play a prank on my other boss (the AVP one). The latter just returned from a two-week trip in Africa, where she had extraordinary, life-changing adventures. She even shared a blog with me that she created to record her thoughts and experiences.

Yesterday we decided to wrap everything in her office with an ad she had created, which was published in a few recent magazines. When we ran out of magazines from which to tear the ads, we asked the consumer marketing department for some of their wrapping paper. We are aware how frivolous and wasteful this was, but we felt like it was a worthy way to welcome our AVP back to the country and let her know that she was missed.

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Her office ended up looking pretty rather than appearing to be an obnoxious prank. As we were finishing up, Julie said, "Ok. Let's do my office next."

My other boss (the VP one) is leaving for vacation at the end of this week. I know that a breeding ground for revenge has been laid.

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