Thursday, March 08, 2007

VIP Treatment

So I went to the deli just outside of our office building to get an afternoon soup. As I was approaching the revolving doors of the lobby upon my return, I noticed a black Mercedes parked at the curb. The driver got out to open the door, and I expected to see one of the recognizable high-level executives in our building step out of the car - or maybe even the founder and former CEO of our company herself.

Instead as the driver opened the door, a man rushed to the car and pulled two paper bags from the backseat featuring the logo of a top designer in the fashion industry. I don't want to mention any names as I really admire the designers in our building, and I don't want them to appear pretentious. Oh wait. It's fashion. Pretentious is ok in fashion.

Hint: Both Michael Kors and Valentino work in our building so pick one. But to be fair, perhaps there was an executive who had just gotten out of the car and had sent his or her assistant to retrieve the bags.

As I waited for the elevator with my soup, I thought to myself, I trudge all over this city by foot, train or cab in heat, wind, rain and snow, and some handbags and shoes get interoffice VIP treatment. Then again, those bags and shoes are probably worth more than my entire bank account.

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