Friday, March 23, 2007

My Space Spectacle

I was blown away by an article on "tiny living spaces in the super-sized city" in this morning's AM New York, the free newspaper I take each morning to help the nice gentlemen at the top of the subway stairs do his job.

He's my New York equivalent to an elderly Wal-Mart greeter in Sylva, North Carolina. We never spoke more than two words at any given time to each other, but I enjoyed exchanging smiles with him on a regular basis. It's a Southern Hospitality thing that may be foreign to some Yankees - like biscuits-and-gravy, sweet tea and saying "hi" to strangers for no reason.

I continue to find stories regarding living conditions in Manhattan astonishing even though I have accepted it as my own residential reality. provides a glimpse into what is now my small world:
*Living small in the Big Apple
*How two can live in 295-sq. ft. (audio slide show)

Incidentally my brother left me the following message on myspace this morning (well, it's nighttime where he is):
"Ex-New Yorkers have to stop bitching about how there's no good pizza in L.A. You're a junior agent at William Morris, not Joe Pesci. People in L.A. don't care about pizza because, unlike New Yorkers, after we pay rent, we have money left over to buy real food."
- A New Rule from Real Time with Bill Maher

Maher added during this March 9th segment of New Rules, "I just bought another three years of bad press in New York."

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