Tuesday, March 20, 2007


During my omelet and blog-surfing breakfast this morning (yes, I have entered the dork-affiliated depths of blogging obsession; I'm approaching the ranks of PC Gamer - no offense, Chris), I came across SUBWAYblogger.com via Blogs of the Week: Interesting and noteworthy blogs; collection of blogs which have great features, posts, ideas, or articles on the network:

"Welcome to SUBWAYblogger.com, a daily live blog from the New York Subway. The thing that makes this blog different is that many of the posts are made from the subway live via Blackberry. As daily subway observations are made, they can be posted live.

"So if you see a guy eyeballing you from across the train or platform in the New York Subway, and he is typing on his Blackberry … guess what? That’s right … He [may be] blogging about YOU. Just be careful because right that very second, you are 'worth writing about.'"

The post I have found most entertaining thus far: Annoying Subway People organized by categories ... Great stuff. I had to add this site to my NYC Blogs links so that I could remember to check it out daily. I'll likely be linking to it often whenever this blogger shares my sentiments exactly.

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