Monday, March 12, 2007

Phone Photo Op - Apt To Be Cont'd

I worked from home today in order to accept delivery of my new lamp (which I was only able to purchase with the help of a gift card that my bosses gave me for Christmas).

Pictured below is my apartment in progress. In the small alcove of my studio is my platform bed with drawers and new floor display lamp. The two hangings illuminated by the lamp were handmade in the Philippines and given to me by my mother. The two prints above my bed are mass-produced orginals that can be found in any Bed, Bath & Beyond or Kirklands.
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When you live in a 300-square foot apartment, it is important to purchase pieces that serve multiple functions (i.e. bed/dresser and nightstand/lamp). To the left is the hallway/closet to my bathroom/kitchen.
Just kidding about the "/kitchen" part.

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