Monday, March 19, 2007

Quote of Whenever - Hugo Chavez

I don't routinely have a quote of the day, week or month so here is my first quote of whenever - until a new quote moves me.

"Yes, I called [President George Bush] a 'devil' in the United Nations. That's true. In another occasion, I said that he was a donkey just because I think that he is very ignorant about the things that are actually happening in Latin America and the world. If that is in excess on my side, I accept. And I might apologize. But who is causing more harm? Do I cause any harm because I call him a devil? He bombs people, villages, and he invades nations."
- Hugo Chavez, President of Venezuela

That was the Venezuelan President's response to Barbara Walter's question during an interview on 20/20, Friday, March 16, 2007: "As I talk with you, you are a very dignified man, but we have heard you call the President of the United States, a devil, a donkey, a drunk, a liar, a coward, a murderer. What does all this name calling accomplish?"

I don't know enough about Hugo Chavez to make an informed judgement about his policies. Although I am a left-wing liberal, I have heard that he is extremely radical. My general belief is that socialism is a good idea, but there is too much natural greed in human nature for it to ever work for entire nations. However, I did like the answer to Walter's above question - and other answers he offered during the interview that ABC aired on Friday night.

Not a quote of the day, week or month. Just of whenever. Until the next quote that moves me.

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