Thursday, March 15, 2007

Say It Ain't Snow!

I blogged too soon. Snow is expected tomorrow. Yesterday's weather was a warm front fluke. Quoting Liz Cho of Channel 7 Eyewitness News, who just provided a preview of tonight's 11 o'clock news during a commercial break for a new television show called October Road: "The biggest snow storm of the year may be heading our way."

The impending frozen participation isn't the only thing hanging over my head. I had a screw-up at work today. It turned out to be a minor mistake because the meeting I didn't confirm wasn't a vital meeting, but it was a major mistake because the mistake shouldn't have happened. Last week, we moved a meeting from the downtown office to the midtown office. I sent a quick email to the vendor to notify them of the relocation. But even though I received no reply or notice of receipt, I didn't double check with the vendor.

Apparently the email was not delivered (which isn't likely because I received no undeliverable error) or it was overlooked on their end. Either way, I should have called them yesterday because the vendor showed up today at our downtown office. Right time, wrong location. I'm usually in the habit of double- and triple-checking everything, but when you're assisting two executives with demanding and diverse needs and overwhelming amounts of busy work, some things are bound to fall through the cracks. Picture "The Devil Wears Prada" x2 - but luckily without the deliberate bitch.

Our downtown and midtown offices are about 20 minutes apart by taxi, but we'll be rescheduling the meeting because the vendor had other appointments scheduled after ours. I'm sure they were frustrated - as was my boss - but they didn't express their frustration because they want our business. In fact, they were gracious.

Some days I really enjoy my job, but other days I question whether or not I have what it takes to get ahead. I never aspired to get into digital advertising sales and marketing, but when I happened to fall into it upon moving to the city, it seemed so glamorous and sexy. Days like today remind me how glamorous and sexy I am not in the corporate world. And it's hard to be confident when you sometimes feel like you're struggling to keep up.

I think the fact that I like my job and that I really like and admire my bosses causes further frustration for me when I mess up. I want so badly to always do a good job for them. I guess days like today are like forecasts for snow when you were expecting the start of spring.

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