Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Old Friends, New Vibes

Last weekend, Terrence was visiting one last time before he moves to Seattle to play in the IBL for a few months. He flew from Atlanta on Friday night, and I met him at my apartment after getting a pedicure and stopping by Magnolia Bakery. I've decided that my favorite street in Manhattan is West 11th Street between West 4th and Bleeker. See the phone photo op below.

Saturday night, Tokii (who had just returned yesterday from her Spring Break spent at home in Raleigh and left today for New Orleans to do post-Hurricane Katrina volunteer service with The Juilliard School), Terrence and I met up with an old college friend named BJ. His girlfriend's best friend (a New Yorker) was having a birthday party at a lounge called Honey on West 14th Street so BJ and his girlfriend had flown up from North Carolina, where they both attend law school.

Just before a second round of drinks, we were reminiscing about our college days in Cullowhee. We laughed about the night Ms. Sue Ella charged into BJ's dorm room (see Top Ten Favorite Cullowhee Memories for reference) and other random Western Carolina University moments.

"Who would have thought back then that we'd be reuniting in a lounge in New York City?" I asked, half thinking out loud.

"Who'd of thunk it?" BJ agreed.

We toasted the night and the memories leading to it. I was going to add a toast to all of the memories to come. Instead I decided to let our toast linger on the past and the present and to let the night conceal our futures. This night would be about good friends, good times and that great Manhattan nightlife vibe. And our futures could wait beyond that Manhattan dawn.

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