Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Colleague Convo - Discount Dating

I blog to you live from my desk on West 42nd Street during the 15-minute break I am allowing myself to eat the tasty Greek salad I just bought downstairs. It's a nice day outside, but I'm a little too busy today to spend an hour lounging in Bryant Park.

Instead I bring you a breaking colleague convo that took place just moments ago in the elevator as it descended to the ground floor. The brief conversation - fueled by the elevator spam - is recounted below.

Note: Elevator spam is defined by blogger Sardonick as small TV screens that deliver, via wireless update, “quality programming” (news, weather, stock quotes, advertisements) to riders of the elevator.

Random survey displayed on elevator spam: "Is it ok to use a coupon on a first date?" Approximately 72% of respondents had said no.

Me: [laughing at screen in upper left corner of elevator] "Is it ok to use a coupon on a first date?"

Julie: "Noooooooo ..."

Gloria: [laughing]

Hot guy in back right corner of elevator: "What's wrong with that?"

Julie: "It's all about the impression you want to make ..."

All: [exit elevator laughing]

1:55 p.m. update: Later I asked our colleague Sam (the resident male in our office suite) what he thought of discount dating. Sam's reply: I saw the question yesterday. My response was, "Where are these people going on their dates?"

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