Thursday, April 26, 2007

Colleague Convo - The Urinary Issue Again

In the gym this evening with a coworker.
Victoria [between reps on the leg abductor machine]: "So I peed next to [our division's SVP] today."
Me [between reps on the leg adductor machine]: "And it was weird, right?"
Victoria: "Yea. I thought of you the entire time."
Me: "But would it have been weird if I hadn't said anything about it before?"
Victoria: "Yea. It's weird to know what your senior vice president sounds like while she pees."


Annalisa said...

Interesting things you talk about while working out. Made me laugh. Aren't vps supposed to pee too?

Dina said...

No, this sounds like "sitcom" conversations! who's the writer here??? you guys should create your own sitcom!!!! "Jerry Seinfeld" was a WINNER, cuz it was about LIFE and the simple things we all go through on a day to day basis!!! ok girls, get those creative juices flowing....can I be in it??? I'll be your 3rd wheel friend. set in NYC so you guys can stay and I could COME!!!
that is too funny.

Anonymous said...

I peed next to Bardo once in HFR, and told Sandy out front he pissed like a girl. How come everyone thinks wierd stuff suits you? Perhaps you are a closet member of my brother/sister-hood of demented and wanna be butt-holes someday and get away with it. No doubt the horse gave you a spirited ride knowing you are the bomb. You go girl! Mark the Shark