Sunday, March 16, 2008

Phone Photo Ops - Rare Sighting & Chocolate Confessions

I received the following text yesterday afternoon: "Hey, we're having a party at my friend's place in the west village, huge apartment! Then stretch hummer to go to Marquee. Come, it should be fun! Let me know"

So my girls and I decided not to go see a band performing in the Lower East Side and redirected our plans to the west. I hate hummers (because they are not environmentally friendly and they just look stupid), but getting to the clubs in the West 27th Street region of the island can be a headache on foot. My girls and I have done the walk from 28th and Seventh many a time when vacant cabs are scarce.

While we were all impressed with the high ceilings and tall windows of the West Village apartment of a lawyer for a prestigious New York-based law firm*, I was most intrigued by the presence of this handy appliance.
*Partnered by a former New York mayor.

After drinks, pizza delivery from Two Boots, and three bowls of Ben & Jerry's pistachio ice cream from the lawyer's refrigerator (all three bowls consumed exclusively by me), we squeezed two guys and about 15 girls (not an exaggeration) into a stretch and went to Marquee, where I stuffed myself with their fabulous little chocolate squares and strawberries.

The mid-Clicquot sip and chocolatey aftermath are featured below.

The morning-after chocolates I pilfered upon exiting the booth at the end of the night using Demi Moore's strategic chocolate swipe from Indecent Proposal.

While the night was quite enjoyable overall and ended with Iris and I crashing at an investment banker's highrise apartment in east midtown after a pit stop at Ray's, the evening was most noteable for what may have been my first encounter with a Manhattan-based dishwashing device.

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K said...

A really close friend of mine works for the Dallas branch of the same law firm :) I keep trying to convince him to transfer to the NY office, and he keeps (patiently) saying "But I want to do oil and gas law, and I really don't think I can do that in New York." Details.