Monday, March 24, 2008

Furniture and the City

City Wendy sent out an email today that may interest New York City residents who are in the market for furniture:

Hey New York friends,
I need your help. I finally had my stuff delivered from storage in Chicago last week and now I need to unload things that don't quite fit in our apartment here. I've been able to find homes for quite a bit on Craigslist but still have a couple of items hanging on. Perhaps some of you are searching for the perfect little dinette set for a small space, or a great, super sturdy mission style coffee table? If not, please feel free to forward this to anyone you think might be interested (also, if we have mutual friends, please forward this along. I seem to be missing quite a few email addresses). I've included pictures and the details are below. Please note, I'm flexible on the prices, but I can't provide delivery. Mahogany coffee table measures 54" x 30" and is 18" tall and I'm asking $150 for it.The dinette set is 24" x 24" and is 30" tall and I'm asking $60.
Thanks so much!!Wendy

Click here for more information and photos

I only have a bed, a bedside table, couch, end table, a book shelf and a rolling laptop cart in my studio apartment, and I couldn't fit even her dinette set in my apartment. And it reminds me of this. And I sigh. And I laugh. And I love this New York life anyway.

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