Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Brunch at L'Orange Bleue

My blog likes to masquerade as a food blog. I snap blog photos of my food so often, the posts should probably have their own label. But food is such an essential part of New York City culture, you cannot become a New Yorker without simultaneously becoming a foodie ... and a wine aficionado ... and a cocktail connoisseur. And you add a "brunch budget" to your monthly expenses.

Food and drink are a defining - if not symbolic - part of most societies, but it's the diversity of authentic cuisine within the five boroughs that makes New York distinct.

Today I joined my girlfriends for Easter brunch at L'Orange Bleue in Soho, where I ordered the Omelette Maxime and a mimosa from their brunch menu. A lazy Sunday afternoon passed us by as we enjoyed our usual brunch conversation: politics (a few jokes about Spitzer), finance (the latest news surrounding Bear Stearns), fashion, jobs, men, rent. Once all that could be eaten, drank and said ... had been eaten, drank and said, we went our separate ways - to Brooklyn, to Harlem, a sale at Steve Madden, and a city walk.

Debasha joined me for my first city walk of 2008.

Phone photo op - Cherry blossoms in L'Orange Bleue

Brunch Prix Fixe, includes the mimosa - only $12.95
Happy Easter!


Sarah K. said...

brunch is my downfall!! as are spitzer jokes lately. ;)

Todd said...

First walk of '08! It must be Spring! :)

Anonymous said...

i love this blog!! you are a testament of the life I WILL live when i go to NYC!!! celebs, fashion shows, clubs/parties, corporate weekdays...I LOVE IT!!!

KJS said...

Sarahspy, ditto.
Todd, indeed.
Anonymous, I hope you one day find all of that here ... and more!