Sunday, March 30, 2008

Divinity in Edible Form

I have found the omelette of my life. The holy trinity of Sunday breakfast is a combination of eggs, cream cheese and smoked salmon. It's divine existance thrives within the quaint exterior and exposed brick walls of a Tuscan steak and wine bar on Seventh Avenue. Svette VII's Il Bastardo on the corner of 21st Street features a weekend brunch menu that stole our hearts and has been infinitely dubbed our Sunday brunch spot.

I will now spend six days a week in agonizing anticipation of Sunday brunches with my girlfriends - not yearning for the fellowship and conversation of my closest friends - but craving Il Bastardo's omelette with cream cheese and smoked salmon. Not to mention that the $15 all-you-can-drink Champagne, Mimosas, Bellinis, Screwdrivers and Bloody Marys have solidified its high echelon within our Sunday brunch clique.

Phone Photo Op - My Omelette with cream cheese and smoked salmon ($9.00) and Debasha's Eggs Benedict with Maryland Crabcakes ($12.00) and monster MimosaPhotobucket

Ra joined me on today's city walk after brunch. En route to our starting point at Broadway and 14th Street, we passed by a film crew and browsed the real estate listings in the window of a Citi Habitats office. The latter gave both of us the remarkable urge to bang our foreheads through the glass or dig our eyeballs out with forks smeared with hot sauce. I don't know how else to describe the self-deprecating thoughts and suicidal tendencies sparked by New York City real estate prices.

Phone Photo Op - Film crew on Seventh and West 20th


Anonymous said...

aaaw this is sooo cool
i guess when you move to nyc it will be fun if you have the right attitude about it...i cant wait to live there!! two years in counting !!

X!ne said...

Another photographer just contacted me because she was subletting for the summmer. Small, sunny one bedroom 5th floor walkup, 10 minutes from Central Park. $2000

New Yorkers read that as "Sunny, one bedroom, right near Central Park" and think "Sweet!"

Having been away and broken free of the spell, I read that as "Small, 5th floor walkup" and think "That's almost 7 times what I currently pay for rent and I'm 3 blocks from the beach!"

Hand me the fork!!