Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Good Things From The Work Day

Michael Kors sample sale in their corporate office with bags and shoes, worth hundreds of dollars, starting at $15 and up (for employees in our building only), catered lunch meeting (sandwiches and salads from Dishes), free make-up and other beauty goodies split among the executive assistants (one of our bosses had received a nice gift bag from a client meeting and didn't want it), boxes and boxes containing bags of Hershey's miniature chocolates (arrived from an advertising client and distributed at approximately 2-3 bags a piece among our division), and hilarious corporate stories ...

One of our high-level executives had once recorded a temporary outgoing message for her office voicemail before leaving for Ireland. Excerpt below:

"This is [name removed]. Please ..... aww fuck ........ You have reached the voicemail of [name removed]. I am out of the office through [date]. Please leave a message and ..."

She had "added to" the message instead of "deleting and rerecording." Awesome.


K said...

I type my voicemail greetings out before recording them for that very reason.


Voicemail-- EFFIN HILARIOUS!!!


That's something I could see myself doing!!

Anonymous said...

micheal kors...$15!!! okay its official we just need to switch lives right now!!! im done! i cant even take this blog anymore!