Friday, March 07, 2008

M-I-C-K-E-Y ... M-O-NYC

On my way to meet City Wendy, DrunkBrunch and Misguided Misadventures in NYC for an uptown dinner at China de Puebla last night - for which I was running late, of course - I suddenly realized that I didn't know exactly where I was going - other than somewhere in my neighborhood. I texted DrunkBrunch: "Where am I going again?"

That's the life of an executive assistant, working late and so busy managing someone else's life, I can't keep track of my own. That's why all of my bills are on auto-pay, including (or perhaps especially) my rent.

I wish I could share some of the hilarious conversation from last night, but I will reserve it with my private memories out of respect for blogger anonymity. I will, however, disclose that the evening ended with multiple sightings of an unexpected and bold four-legged guest.

From MMNYC's morning-after email:
"I was shrieking at the waiter, like he could do something (Amanda, you are kind to use the nicer word, assertive, but really I am just bossy as hell), Wendy was keeping her screams contained [and then let them out on Broadway], Katie was pleading with the waiter not to kill our furry friend [at least not in front of us] ... ridiculous! I CANNOT believe that happened!!! ... But OTHER THAN THAT, I'm glad we got together, uptown-mouse style!! Let's do it again soon."

DrunkBrunch wrote a charming haiku to summarize our evening.

A very tasty meal, an adorable restaurant, fabulous women, great conversation. And a mouse. So New York.

La China de Puebla presents a unique menu and celebrates a beautiful Asian-Mexican legend. In an effort to redeem the restaurant in light of the mouse-sighting, here is a phone photo op of my delicious dessert:

From the restaurant's website and as featured on their cocktail menu:

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