Saturday, March 22, 2008

The Perfect City

So I'm in my apartment enjoying a lazy Saturday on my couch, in front of the television, flipping between various afternoon movie line-ups, successfully ignoring the urge of mindless snacking, and periodically hitting refresh on my laptop to see if I have any new myspace messages.

I just came across The Perfect Man starring Hilary Duff (a.k.a. not another cutesy, toothless teen movie) and watched the first few minutes. Just as I was about to surf off of TNT, Duff's character says, "For those of you who haven't done it yet, put 'must see New York skyline' on your list of things to do before you die."

Queue sunset-drenched skyline of New York City ... and I get chills. It's not Citizen Kane or The Godfather. It's Hilary Duff. Images of New York do that to me every time - no matter what the medium.

And, uh-oh, this is a movie about a blogger.

3:50pm Update: Still watching the Duff movie. But only because it's filmed in New York. [Cough]

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K said...

Uh, I spent the afternoon on my couch, also watching that movie. Can I use the same excuses for not changing the channel?