Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Chicken Little

You never know what random array of miscellaneous-ness might be strewn throughout the hallways of my apartment building. A used diaper. A broken 40-ounce inside a soaked paper bag. A condom wrapper.

Phone Photo Op - This morning, there was a chicken leg.

Yes, $1200 a month for a 350-square foot apartment. Drumsticks gnawed to the bone included at no extra charge.

"In Washington, the first thing people tell you is what their job is. In Los Angeles you learn their star sign. In Houston you're told how rich they are. And in New York they tell you what their rent is."- Simon Hoggart


JanelleGrace said...

I just have to deal with the smells of Polish food from our landlord's apartment.

KJS said...

My neighbors have been cooking a lot of fish lately ... so guess what my apartment smells like ...

Todd said...

I love that quote!