Monday, May 28, 2007

Sunday Mornings in Manhattan

It's an uneventful Memorial Day spent waiting for Terrence to fly into La Guardia from Atlanta so I'm once again "shamelessly" pasting a recent post from my friend Eileen's myspace blog because I love Sunday mornings like this in Manhattan: I just woke up and decided to go to Bonsenior (sp?), a French bagel shop ... to get some AM coffee and enjoy the first nice morning we have had in a few days. It is gorgeous outside. I'm housesitting in the West Village and love going out and exploring my favorite neighborhood in the city. As I left Bonsenior... I found myself singing "Bonjour" from Beauty and the Beast... lol... because of all of the interesting things I saw in my little 2 block adventure.

If you don't know "Beauty and the Beast" ...Belle sings a song as she is walking through the village noting all of the activity going on around her.

I made my way over and noticed that the streets were much more quiet than they are at noon in this popular neighborhood. I approached Bonsenior... walked in and noticed some interesting characters.

1) The elderly woman w/her fabulous pearls draped around her neck, her beret and brooch. Beside her was her toy poodle w/matching pearls. I just loved this little duo. She was reading the paper and just being all together fabulous.

2) The girlfriends who were recapping a Saturday night of debauchery... both looking a bit of a mess but finding relief in their bagels and coffee.

3) The "take myself too seriously" guy who was wearing his aviator sunglasses inside of the bagel shop and being a jerk to the girls behind the counter. Poor thing...

4) The girls behind the counter w/their socks w/cutouts worn on their arms as "arm warmers" and the purple sequin headbands... so fabulous.

So, I'm loving all of these different personality types... and then my fav. dog comes in. A little Pug came in panting w/his owner. He was ADORABLE. I get worried about my fav. little pups... as pugs, you have to be careful in the summertime... as they can't breathe easily... so I worry but he looked like a champ... he was okay.

My coffee is up... I turn around to walk in... and a FILF (Father I'd like to 'flip pancakes with')... w/his BEAUTIFUL daughter wearing... can you handle it... FAIRY WINGS!!!!! adorable!!!!!!! It isn't isn't a weekday where she may have had to dress up... it is SUNDAY and I bet she said to her daddy, "Daddy, I want to wear my fairy wings to the bagel shop" ...and he said... "Sure" she did... ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE!!!!!!!

That was it... I walked out and the disney song started ringing through my head... Bonjour, Bonjour... BONJOUR BONJOUR BONJOUR!!!!!! ...and my coffee was fabulous!!!!!

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