Sunday, May 13, 2007

Reviving my Greek Life

The best thing about NPHC fraternities and sororities is the lifelong membership. Last night, I joined my sorors and fellow Greeks at a step show in Harlem. My LS (and best friend) Tokii joined us for the show at PS 194 and to dinner afterward at Baton Rouge Restaurant on West 145th Street. After four grueling years at Juilliard, she had become slightly detached from Greek life, but felt an almost instant reconnection within minutes of meeting our New York sorors.

After the show, we hung out in the restaurant so long that we missed out on the afterparty. But sometimes you'd rather just have a chill evening with your girls than dance and party hop.

Tokii and her fiance Nate just signed a lease on a condo in New Jersey since she has decided - based on the response to the fourth year showcase - to begin her acting career in New York City rather than Los Angeles. Although she'll have an NJ zip code, she'll only be 15 minutes from midtown and has decided to reactivate her sorority membership with the New York Alumane chapter after she gets through her summer wedding plans.

I've told her about four dozen times how excited I am that she and Nate have decided to live in New York after she graduates from Juilliard later this month. She gets the keys to her new place on the first of June.

Based on all of the above, we made a dual resolution to get involved with the wide variety of community service projects and programs that our sorority offers at the alumnae level as well as revive our Greek social lives.

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