Thursday, May 24, 2007

Girls' Night and the City

Since I am too lazy to transcribe last night's events in my own words, I am shamelessly pasting the following excerpt from Eileen's myspace blog. After all, she was there and she's already converted the memories into bloggeries. She came, she saw, she blogged:

Alright...another day in the crazy NY Single gal's life! Today we have two celeb sightings to discuss. I would say two B listers ...

1) Renee broke the case at Dos Caminos on Park Avenue last evening...she came back from the restroom and said "Charlotte's husband... what is his name... from Sex And The City... is sitting over there"... TREY MCDOUGAL!?!?!?!?!? ...BUNNY'S SON!?!?!? I was so there. Adrienne and I planned our nonchalant walk by after getting his coordinates from Nae... We did a casual walk over... I recognized his long gross hair immediately... the same "do"... or should I say "don't" that he was rocking on "Desperate Housewives"... anyway... there he was... VERY THIN which surprised me... but never the less... enjoying some chips and guac w/a friend and a younger girl... We had the plan of walking back to the bathroom... thinking we had gone the wrong way... and turning around to come back. Wingman Katie walked up and was like "Guys... I think the bathroom is back that way"... to get us turned around to rejoin our group after seeing him... but a server heard her and was like " are going the right way... it's just back there"... so we had to walk back to the bathroom.

I told them when we camped at the bathroom for a moment "I don't see him as Trey McDougal right now... I see him as the dude that had the wild sex w/Eliz. Berkley in 'Showgirls'"... what a scene... what a bad movie...!!! Anyway... there is was.

And I'm also including the continuation of Eileen's post because it's "so new york" and it includes an additional recap of last night and a fun glimpse into her life as a designer in the fashion industry:

2) This AM on my way to Bonsenior (sp?) to get a coffee before going to work... I was j-walking (as I tend to do on small streets)... and this van was approaching... so I stopped to let him go... who was it in the van... Oliver Platt. I know, I know... I had to look him up on IMDB to get his name. When I saw him I was like "Oh... it's that guy'"... he was driving slowly... looked at me, smiled... did a little "thank you" wave for letting him go. Get this... he was in a soccer mom van!!!!!!! It was slightly surprising... you don't really see those up here... we are more of an SUV folk. This was like the Brown Plymoth that Gail used to take me to soccer and dance in! It was fabulous............. in 1990. Anyway... that was a cool way to start my day. Here he is case you are still confused.

So, last night... was Iris's BIRTHDAY!!! I'm going to change my Top Eight to the Birthday Crew after blogging so all of the players are there :)! We started the evening at the rooftop bar on 26th and 5th... on the 21st floor... the most AMAZING view of Manhattan EVER!!! It isn't really my 'male' scene... as it is a lot of OOBER rich dudes... and the future trophy wives who are slobbering over them. It was Iris, Nae, Gi'v'a and myself initially. Gina looks at me and says "I see your future husband"... I thought she was joking at first... but I looked over and realized... she knows me so well. It was a business guy w/salt and pepper hair... prob. checking in at 45 years old. I have a strange attraction to older men... not sure why... never the less... He has the most blue eyes I have ever seen and a nice suit... GORG. I didn't talk to him... just admired from a far... he was in one of the roped off company areas anyway... NEXT.

Katie & Neesho joined us later and we made our way to Dos Caminos... to have a FILLING dinner and celebrate 24 years that Iris has graced our globe! Diva looked FIERCE w/her BCBG Max Azria "Trench" dress... it was a trench coat material w/a plunging neckline... Loved it!

Adrienne joined us there also... 10/22 mafia sticks together... later some other friends came out. We all drank way too much sangria and mojitos and filled up on Chips and Guac. I'm so glad I split my entree w/Ade and Nae... way too much food.

ONE MORE THING!!! ...and this is the most exciting... I saw my first pedestrian carrying a bag I designed yesterday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Granted he was in our building... but he didn't work for our little corporation. I said "That looks great"... which was prob. weird to him... and Gina jumps in "She designed that"... LOL. He said "I love it... I carry it a lot... you should do more bags in this color"... It was bright orange! lol... hey, the guy likes orange... I ain't gonna fight him :)!!! Anyway, it looked great on him and I was SO excited
to see something that took so much work... being carried and filled w/someone's STUFF and not stuffing paper :)!!!! It was a cool moment!

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