Friday, May 11, 2007

Phone Photo Ops - Alfangi Salon

I decided to try a new salon per a friend's recommendation. Stephanie had received an amazing haircut and some referral coupons for 40% off all services for new clients. This evening I had an appointment with the same stylist Magaly, who added some trendy bangs and layers to my almost waist-length hair.
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I love my new style, but I loved even more that I was served wine during the cut. There's my empty glass. Typical.
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And now I'm going to meet an old UNC colleague from my days in higher education administration. He is in town for tomorrow's NACAC College Fair at the Javits Center. It's strange for me to remember that about a year ago, I was having drinks in a hotel bar in Edison, New Jersey, with him and several other college admissions professionals and talking about my impending move to New York City. What a difference a year makes.

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