Thursday, May 10, 2007

It's Second Guess Thursday!

I'm not generally one to send e-cards for no reason unless I am certain that the gesture makes some kind of meaningful impact on the recipient (i.e. the card is hilarious). I'm the same way with forwarded emails and text messages. Nothing annoys me more than when someone (especially if they're not in my Verizon in-network, where unlimited text messages do not apply) sends me an arbitrary text message about National Friendship Day and further instructs me to pass on the text to 10 people in my address book.

I wouldn't be surprised if there is someone hired within cell phone companies for the specific purpose of starting these chain texts to help boost text messaging fees. If you're a close friend, you don't need a National Friendship Day text to remind you. I'm a text messaging wizard so you hear from me enough to know that our friendship is valued.

However, today I received the funniest e-card from a friend of mine in Atlanta. He knows me well, and I'm sure he never second guesses himself in knowing that passing along forwarded emails making fun of George Bush and e-cards like these are always ok with me: It's Second Guess Thursday

In rare Katie form, I had to pass this card along to my colleagues in honor of nothing in particular except that it's Thursday, and this card makes it funny as hell.


Dina said...

THAT WAS FUNNY!!!! which one might you ever be? the Pink one or green one?!! I looove how the pink one just EGGED on the other guy...( "go ask about 30 more people , see what they say..." ) funny! thanks for that!

Todd said...

I too am IN with Verizon. I have yet to be tailed by a few thousand people that claim to be my network though. I'm starting to think those commercials are all a lie.