Monday, June 04, 2007

Phone Photo Op - Another Red Carpet Strikes a Pose

I love how there might be a red carpet event going on, but the New Yorkers in the outdoor bar less than 50 yards away in Bryant Park are too busy with their own New York lives to pay attention to the video cameras and flash bulbs. Of course, committed bloggers - like me - pause to catch a quick camera phone photo op ... solely for documentation purposes, of course.

On my way to happy hour in Bryant Park with a friend this evening, we passed by the below pictured red carpet set-up. Later as the sun set and the hoop-la began on the red carpet, the adjacent bargoers barely took notice ... well, except for me taking notice of how none of us took notice and making mental notes of New York everyday-life surrounded by the glamorous happenings of Manhattan.

I'm sure it would have been a little different if the cast for Ocean's 13 had been standing down there, but red carpet events happen so frequently all over the city, a New Yorker would never have their own life if they paid attention to every celebrity scene happening in Manhattan.
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