Thursday, June 21, 2007

The Good Life, I mean, Night

Things That Would Only Happen to Me in New York
- Meet a friend who works for a top five securities firm at an exclusive midtown restaurant.
- Be ushered up to our table even though we were late for our reservation (because of an extra drink at the bar) - while another man argued with the host over his reservation being bumped back.
- Hide my embarressment while my friend ordered for us since I had no idea what most items on the menu were.
- Watch him pay a half-a-grand check after consuming over $500 dollars-worth of lobster salad, shrimp tempura, sushi, kobe steak and sake.
- Chat with the restaurant's event planner, who discretely pointed out the celebrities dining among us, and who also caters many events for my company's founder and former celebrity CEO.
- Ride home in a black Mercedes with a driver and watch the canyon of buildings streaming overhead through the full-length moonroof.

Things to Remember as I Continue My New York Journey
- Don't get used to - or expect - all of the above
- Remember that the good life is an illusion
- Enjoy it for a night anyway (and take camera phone photos)


Dina said...

WOW!! $500. girl, you ARE LUCKY...ROLL WITH IT!!! It's a good life!

Annalisa said...

I want that allusion for one night. What a great evening.