Friday, June 22, 2007

Phone Photo Op - Brawl on Bleecker

While perusing local sex shops in search of fun paraphernalia for Tokii's Bachelorette Weekend in the city, Candice, Marcie and I came across a brawl on Bleecker Street. It wasn't A Bronx Tale, but onlookers at the outdoor cafes found it amusing. When one reached into his pocket for what we momentarily thought was a gun, he pulled out a cell phone and appeared to be calling the police.
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Dina said...

OMG!! Bronx Tale is my FAVE MOVIE...everything about it..DeNiro, New York, music...awww. If you EVER RUN into DeNiro..kiss him for ME!!! oh yeah him and Joaquin Phoenix....right on those lips! okay got alittle carried away... but just tell em you know a crazy girl in Hawaii that ADORES THEM!