Friday, June 29, 2007

No Ah-Choo for You

I swear, everytime a man in Harlem says to me, "God bless you, ma," I just want to turn to him and say, "Dude, I didn't sneeze."


Anonymous said...

Think of the alternative even more graceful statements you might get instead, like "Hey baby.....", or "Yo girl wanna....", or "I got a cure for your sniffles.....", get the idea.....if it were me, and you said "Dude, I didn't sneeze," I would retort with "I know, but since the lord has blessed you, that means the slate is clean, and you are ready for some good old-fashioned weekend sinning again!"

Have a great weekend K!!!!!

Guess Who (a.k.a. Mark the Shark)


HAHAH FUNNY!! I was about to give you the exact same statement as the first comment!