Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Colleague Convo - You Can't Make This Stuff Up

You're more likely in New York to see a naked man do the macarena and to bump into Patrick Dempsey outside of Starbucks. Both scenarios are courtesy of my boss, which are recounted here in today's edition of "You Can't Make This Stuff Up" brought to you by BNR, who is soliciting mad-lib style comments in response to his most recent blog post.

My boss - born and raised in New York - sent a text message a few weeks ago while Jenny and I were hanging out on the roof top bar at 230 Fifth during Happy Hour:
@ whole foods watching a naked man do the macarena on his terrace. Only in NYC, kids!

And yesterday, my boss told us about her Sunday morning encounter with Dr. McDreamy, which I am paraphrasing in her first-person voice rather than a third-person narration.

So it's 8 o'clock on Sunday morning, and I'm riding my bike to the Equinox at Greenwich and 12th, and I'm totally decked out in my hardcore biker girl attire: cycling helmet, spandex capris with butt pads, pedal clips ... and I'm excited to see that the bike rack is empty so I'm cruising in and swinging my leg off the bike to hop off as I'm slowing down, and as I pull up to the bike rack, I notice this very attractive man standing outside of the Starbucks, and he is smiling and says to me, "I'm sorry that we don't have the bike rack valet immediately available."

So I laugh and yank my bike into the rack before I realize that he's Dr. McDreamy. He's holding two cups of Starbucks, and then he balances one cup on top of the other in one hand as if he's preparing to help me lock up my bike. And I'm pulling out my huge bike lock and chain, and I'm securing my bike - all the while totally oblivious to what is going on around me. And I hear him laughing as someone else says, "It's ok, we can actually use that."

Suddenly I zoom out of my little world and finally notice ... the boom mike ... the video cameras and the spot lights ... and I realize that I have just rolled onto the open set of some movie that they're filming.

So once I realize what I've done, I'm so embarrassed, and I'm telling people I'm sorry, and they're all really cool, laughing and telling me that it's ok and that I can leave my bike at the rack for this scene. So I'm walking away bright red, and I bump into some random guy, and I'm like, "You are not going to believe what I just did."

And he's like, "Yea ... ummm ... you're still on the set. I'm an extra."

Usually they close off the streets when they're filming movies if it's a closed set, but sometimes they have open sets, where they want natural background movement and they usually warn you as you walk down the street: "If you walk through here, you might end up on film." But because I cruised in on my bike, I guess someone thought I was just going to ride through -- not stop in the middle of their scene and jump off my bike.

So my bike is going to be in a movie with Patrick Dempsey. How was everyone else's weekend?

None of us had anything better to share.


Anonymous said...

While I am absoultely cracking up..at your encounter...I'll have to take a good look when the movie comes out...brillant, absolutely brillant.


Annalisa said...

Now I am going to wait for a bike to pop up in every movie he is in. I love him. I would have jumped him ha ha.