Thursday, November 30, 2006

What Happened to November?

So today was the last day of November and the average temperature was in the high 60s, which is a little creepy. It is reassuring, however, to know that freezing weather is gripping other parts of the country. But it has been such a warm fall and winter so far, and you have to wonder what happened to November.

A former colleague from North Carolina emailed me yesterday. He ended his email:
p.s. did you notice how warm it is here for late November? Who says global warming is an issue? I think it is the countdown to the apocalypse myself, read that in the Weekly World News tabloid couple weeks ago, so it has to be true).

In totally unrelated news: I think I have a crush on Chris Cuomo.

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Anonymous said...

I guess this means I don't like Chris Cuomo.