Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Better Day

We had sales training today from 9am to 4pm in the executive conference room that shares a glass wall with the office of the company's founder and icon. She has a corner office with glass walls and a gorgeous view of the Hudson River. Around 3:45pm nearing the end of a long day of training, two people walked into the office and started pulling up the shades and carefully lining them up at exactly three-quarters of the way up the windows. They turned on the desk lamp and the flatscreen computer, entered a password, arranged two fresh bottles of cold water on the desk, emptied the trash can, took one final look around the office and walked out.

I looked around the table in the executive conference room. All of my colleagues were paying attention to our sales trainer, but were clearly sneaking glances through the glass wall into the meticulously prepared office just as I had been.

Our training ended promptly at 4pm, and we did not see her actual arrival. We left the building and proceeded to our sales training dinner in a private wine cellar of an adorable downtown Italian restaurant. We dined on delicious food paired with fine wines and toasted the growth and success of our sales team. At the end of the night, my coworker Gloria and I split a cab to our respective West Side apartments.

Today was a good day.

[Wed, 11/8 update]
And the week got even better when the states began turning from red to blue and the Devil resigned as Defense Secretary. My sentiments exactly from Joe.My.God.

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