Thursday, November 16, 2006

Got Joe?

My favorite blogger Joe does such great things with his blog beyond just rambling about the day-to-day like I do. Recently his readers began joining a cause to help a man named Mike Jones. And no, not the rapper.

From Joe.My.God's Special Open Thread Thursday:
It was at this time last week that the last bell finally rang on the 2006 election, delivering the House, the Senate, and the majority of state governships into the hands of the Democrats. The map is blue again. And so is the sky. My face is sore from smiling and my feets are aching from all this happy dancing.

And playing a possibly vital, perhaps pivotal role in this triumph was not a politician. Not a party strategist. It was a private citizen. It was a gay man. A man who although he was risking his personal livelihood, risking his arrest, and surely risking his physical safety, he came forward and did the right thing at the right time.

That man is Mike Jones.

Regardless of your personal opinions regarding Jones' chosen field of work, you cannot ignore his unprecedented accomplishment of almost completely appending the Republican Party's last minute campaign to divert the nation's attention from the true issue of the election: the Iraq war.
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Whether you support the cause or not, it's interesting to gain another prospective and think outside of your own little box.

[Sat, 11/18, 10:30am update]
Here's an interesting counter from Josh of the blog Gay Men Rule:
I'm just confused why we are exalting someone who chose to have interactions - for years - with someone who hated everything we stood for and believed in!

As far as difficulty finding a job? That's wrong and demonstrates the pervasiveness of homophobia and the judgments of people who can't get beyond the thought of prostition and maybe drugs existing in our society.

For that reason, I gave the dude some money.

But I don't believe he swayed the elections. I turned off the T.V. that entire week because Faggarty and Jones were both getting on my nerves. Most people I know did the same.

Someone needs to show me exit polls supporting this theory that folks voted for Democrats because of Mike Jones/Faggarty. At any rate - like I said - I donated, but not because I think he did anything worthy of being put on a pedestal. Thanks for doing this though, Joe.
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Joshua said...

Wow - thanks for quoting me, I think LOL. I've caught a lot of heat for this and have gotten a few hate emails and comments. I wish people would understand that we can be playing for the same team; but not see eye to eye :)

KJS said...

joshua, Hate emails and comments? That's outrageous! I believe that your opinion was contemplative, well-written and a valid use of your civil rights. You addressed a legitimate point and called for deeper consideration.

You asked the readers to question - not condemn ... there's a difference.

Joshua said...

They were from gay men, KJS, and that's why I'm on the warpath. There is a huge difference between questioning and condemning! Thanks for your food for thought :) I need to move on from all of this now, though - as this has reached a point of toxicity and that's my own fault :)