Saturday, November 04, 2006

First Day on Broadway

At a glance, the apartment looks very nice. However, upon closer inspection, I have a laundry list of items that are incomplete and/or need to be fixed, which I sent to the management company:

1) Missing electrical outlet cover in kitchen (left of sink)
2) Missing granite base of backsplash on countertop (left of stove)
3) Kitchen sink is not well sealed between upper rim of sink and countertop

Entryway Closets
1) Loose wire hanging in closet nearest the front door (if it's electrical, it appears to be dead)
2) Bottom of second closet door is stripped (sanding and/or touch-up paint needed)

1) Lid on back of toilet does not fit securely because of poor positioning of adjacent sink and countertop
2) New sink, but appears that the porcelain on the edge of the counter was nicked during construction (doesn't need to be fixed, just made note)
2) Missing baseboard tile (left of toilet)
3) Peeling paint (left of mirror)

Living Room
1) The cover over the airconditioning unit box (below the window) is not well sealed and cold air is seeping in.

I've all ready had two very small bugs make their presence known, which received a swat response and subsequent squish. I bought a Raid fumigator today (almost purchased the fogger, but decided against it since I have a gas stove). Terrence and I will announce my intolerance for bugs of any size, shape or color by setting it off tomorrow before we leave to go see Eileen run past 96th Street and Fifth Avenue in the New York City Marathon.

Oh yea - Terrence is in town. He arrived last night from Atlanta to help me move from the Bronx to Hamilton Heights. We spent the morning assisted by two very diligent and speedy movers from MoveMaster. The afternoon involved a lot of grumbling as Terrence followed me around Bed, Bath & Beyond and Home Depot (he can't stand shopping with me). This evening we ordered pizza and ate it out of the box since all of my kitchenware are still in boxes. And now he is in the shower, I am blogging on my air mattress surrounded by boxes, and I think we broke the heater when we tried to turn it up earlier.

Home sweet home.


Anonymous said...

Nice to know that Chicago isn't alone as having apartments with random, quirky problems.. although it sounds like you got off pretty easy. My favorites (of the non-offensive variety) are:

1. Random lightswitches that don't *seem* to control anything (I recently discovered that the third switch next to my front door controls the hallway light, which until recently was burned out - ah-hah!)
2. Antiquated "features" that no longer serve any purpose, of which I've had at least two:
-milk drop boxes (where the milkman could stop by, slide open a door outside to drop off the milk and later you could flip open the inside door and retrieve it - that took quite a long time to puzzle out)
-a missing section of wall intended to hold a Pullman bed (when standing upright - ditto)


just me said...

Ha! You did a much better job of taking note of things around your apartment that needed to be looked at. I wound up with cabinets that looked like the previous inhabitants were chewing on the edges of them, and a nice little scrag of a gap at the bottom of the wall behind my toilet. I also had that random light switch right next to my front door, and upon plugging a light into the socket on that same wall, I found that the two were connected. Months later.