Saturday, November 11, 2006

Reality Soon Sets

As I've been settling into my new apartment, I've been finding more and more "habitational" issues. Adding to my earlier list of things that are incomplete or need to be repaired:

1) Inside one of the floor cabinets, there is a square hole (approximately 12"x8") through which the pipes connect the sink to the main waterline in the wall. Needless to say, until that hole is patched up, I will not be using that cabinet - or even opening it often for fear of seeing a rat or a roach.
2) The refrigerator door opens in a cumbersome direction within the layout of the kitchen. Someone is going to come in and switch the handle and hinges.

1) The bathroom sink has been leaking small pools of water into the new cabinet underneath. There is a plastic cup under there now, which I empty every other day or so.

And here are some things of which I have just made a mental note:
1) The hot water temperature and the rate at which it lasts vary and are directly proportional to how many other people are showering at the same time.
2) The laundry rooms downstairs are locked around 9 or 10pm even if there is a dryer tumbling - though temporarily abandoned, the full load of clothing holds the promise that their owner will soon return (yet my laundry is locked in down there right now).
3) I need to develop a greater appreciation for Hispanic music because if my neighbors are listening to it, then I am, too.

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