Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Television Disconnect

I feel such a disconnect with live television sometimes when I'm watching Good Morning America while getting ready for work. This morning, for example, I listened to Diane Sawyer and Robin Roberts make reference to the thousands of Nascar fans in Times Square and caught brief footage of the race cars revving their engines outside of the ABC Studios during the first 45 minutes or so of the morning "info-tainment" program.

Yet as I emerged from the Times Square station around 8:15 a.m. from the 1 train just 30 minutes after turning off my television uptown, my first thought was, "What are all these people standing around for?"

Moments later, "Oh yea, I just saw this on TV. Duh."

Sometimes it's like I forget that I live here, or I feel like I'm realizing that I live in New York City for the first time ... again.

I took a short detour along 44th Street to catch a quick camera phone photo op for my blog (being the dedicated blogger that I am). As I took the below photo, I overheard a Nascar New Yorker dad say to the small Nascar New Yorker son in his arms, "Do you see him, buddy? There he is. Do you see Jeff Gordon?"

The little boy was clearly star-struck. He had that innocent glazed look in his eyes that was a mixture of superstar admiration and youthful bewilderment as his father continued to whisper, "Do you see him, buddy? There he is. That's Jeff Gordon."

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Anonymous said...

Totally forgot I had this window open from earlier this morning, when I was reading a few of your recent posts. So now that I'm finally back at my desk, I suppose I should leave you a comment!

I dig the 'Quotable NYC' section you've added. It's a nice feature and a good selection of quotes. I wonder what Simon Hoggart would say about Chicago? If I had to guess, I think the first thing people tell you is their team: Cubs or Sox. I'm not even kidding.

My favorite (cheesy) bumper-sticker-like saying about Chi would have to be "Chicago: A Drinking Town with a Sports Problem." That pretty much sums it up.