Sunday, September 24, 2006

Six Degrees of NYC

Last week, Tokii, Candice and I watched a new show on ABC called Six Degrees. The pilot was a little disappointing, in that the storyline seems a little unrealistic, a little too convenient, a lot unbelievable. And you have to wonder how far the story can actually go because there are only so many ways you can tie six people together until it's no longer interesting. Six Degrees is yet another way to romanticize New York City.

And that is why we'll probably keep watching it. I'm sure, in some way, many of us want to believe in the romance of this city. And in some ways, it does exist. Not in such wonderfully orchestrated and obvious ways like those brought to the TV screen in this show, but in smaller ways that lured people like me to want to live here, to want to fall in love with New York. Naive? Of course. A little hokey? Very. But I probably wouldn't have taken the risk of moving up here without a job or an apartment if it weren't for blind faith, a little bit of naivety and a borderline hokey dream of becoming a New Yorker.

As the show opened with a skyline view of New York City, I turned to Tokii and Candice and pointed at the TV screen: "I live there!!!"

"No," Candice laughed, "You see our parts of town on Law & Order."

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Senorito<- Ako said...

Eeks.. I think NY is not for me.

1. I can only "effectively" work 8 hrs a day. Unless i'm seated beside a hottie and she's doin overtime as well. :)

2. I hate take-away food, I bet I'd hate ready made microwaved food as well.

3. I stress easily. :)