Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Fashion Week

A friend of mine in Atlanta left a comment on my myspace page today asking me what it's like living in the city where Fashion Week is going on (Side Note: She's an "actual" friend - not one of those random myspace friends that you don't actually know from among your list of like 2,435,682 myspace friends). When I read her comment this evening, I realized that I have been almost completely unaware of most of the Fashion Week events (aside from your random scaffolding advertisement listing all of the major designers). Then, I realized how fairly odd it is - or maybe how oblivious I am - that I work right across the street from Bryant Park (where the huge Fashion Week tent is currently pitched), the company I work for has several floors in the same building as Michael Kors and Valentino, and I have been vastly unaware of the majority of the fashion activities.

I guess I can attribute my lameness to the fact that I get into the office at 9 a.m., often eat a cheap, microwaveable meal at my desk, and - like tonight - leave work after 8 p.m. Not that it's all the late, but after 10+ hours of Internet advertising proposals and a computer screen, I usually rush straight to Grand Central - or down into the Bryant Park Station if I have on painful stilettos like the ones I was wearing today.

Add the apartment hunting and the four-hours of sleep per night average, and Fashion Week doesn't even get a chance to rank high on my priorities this year. Besides, as I wrote in my reply comment to my friend on her myspace page, I don't have the social status necessary to get into most of that stuff anyway. Oh well, just like all of the other stuff I've missed out on in this city so far (and there is so much to miss out on, you miss out pretty often), I guess I'll just have to try to catch it next year ... or the year after that ... or the year after that ...

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