Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Crisis in Corporate NYC

For some damn funny reading, here is a short, hilarious account of a day in the life of a New York businessman and my favorite blogger, Joe.My.God:

My workday wasn't quite so controversial - just data entry for some upcoming advertising proposals. And that can only get so crazy. The most exciting thing that happened in our office this week was when the VP of Digital Advertisng Sales walked in on Wednesday with the newest issue of Vanity Fair that hit stands in NYC and LA yesterday (the rest of the world had to wait until today to get their hands on the issue featuring pictures of TomKat's baby Suri). Not just any baby makes their debute on the cover of Vanity Fair with a 22-page spread, and the masses are still debating worldly-insignificant Suri-centric gossip. So, of course, I have to pose the deeply profound question: Why?

In a Suri-unrelated side thought regarding my work week: Though I say that the office is not particularly exciting, I am really starting to like advertising sales, which surprises me because it is not a profession I might have otherwise chosen had it not been for the staffing agency that hooked me up with this job. I am sure the fact that I really like the people with whom I work has something to do with that, but it's funny how things often work themselves out.

I've come up with my own little commute-to-work game. Each morning as the 4 train pulls into Grand Central, I try to find a new way out of the terminal onto 42nd Street, Vanderbilt or Lexington Avenue. If I'm running late or for the sheer luxury of emerging from the subway into a gorgeous park, I might try to catch a 7 train for the 0.4 mile ride (rough guess-timation) to Bryant Park, but lately I've been trying to take advantage of the morning walks to the office while it's still warm.

Today, I exited Grand Central into Pershing Square, and headed right on 42nd Street toward my office building right across the street from Bryant Park, which is under heavy preparation for Fashion Week (I think). I looked up and wondered if Joe.My.God was looking down on Pershing Square from his office and perhaps shooting more video.

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