Sunday, September 03, 2006

Blogs At Random

I received a random comment from a random blogger so I visited her blog to check her out. I liked her immediately after reading her self-describing blurb:

"I created this blog so that I could send random thoughts out to random people for them to comment about. Some of my best conversations have been random. I guess that's why I loved Seinfield so much, I could relate. The funny thing about conversation is that you usually need more than yourself alone to do it, otherwise you're just bordering on the verge of insanity. So please give me your comments."

The funny thing about blogs is that we are conversing alone to anyone who will listen. Blogs are like having your own made-for-tv movie, where you can share your experiences with an audience (even though the character is supposed to be unaware of an audience - ultimately the actor's ability to create a character that connects with an audience is through an awareness of empathy and projecting a persona to which others can relate). In real life, there is no 24/7 empathic shareware. Thus, there's the freedom to do things we wouldn't normally do if we knew someone was watching.

Unrelated Random Side Thought: Today, Tokii and I were watching a rerun of the MTV VMAs, and Tokii commented on Paris Hilton's overall demeanor: "I wish I could see Paris just once when she is unaware of a camera." I get what she means. You rarely see ostentatious stars burst into a genuine, unattractive laugh or make any unappealing expressions when they are aware of the spotlight. They carry themselves in an unnatural manner befitting an object of perfection. Like a Barbie Doll.

Back to blogging: Desolate, difficult or boring situations seems so much less desolate, difficult or boring in movies because of the communal empathy facet. Enter blogging. The cinematic equivalent to a diary. Your own Carrie's laptop on Sex and the City. Your shitty job seems less shitty. Your lonely nights seem less lonely. Your random moments find a purpose. Your life leaves a mark, even if it's just a tiny mark in the vast universe of cyber space.

So please give her your comments.


Am i there yet? said...

Thanks for your comment - and the link. :)Wow! We're leaving a mark "in the vast universe of cyber space." I like that, don't you?!
I am a thinker. My mind never stops. This of course is good during the day, not so good in the middle of the night. I never have stopped to write anything down though. That is, not until I was convinced by others that blogging might be fun. And it is. Diary writing always seemed so useless to me but this has purpose, even if it is minute. I'm hooked.
By the way, how do you stay up so late and make it through the day?! It amazes me.I've spent this last week getting by on about four hours a night and I'm DEAD right now. The city may never sleep, but you have permission to get some.

TOW Blog said...

random thoughts of NY in the 80's: lonely, fast, cold in the rush of lights and people, eating sabrett and soda alone at lunchtime.

take care that NYC doesn't take your soul to cynical heights.

nice blog. i will visit again.

Unknown said...

Finally got to talk to mom and dad. Expect a phone call from me at some point. Miss you!

Kelli said...

After searching high and low for a "I just moved to NYC, this is my story" blog, I found you! And I couldn't be happier! I have decided to start from the beginning and read through it all; quite a daunting task as this starts back in 2006! Your writing style is fantastic and I'm looking forward to making my way through the years!

KJS said...

Thank you so much for your comment (and compliment), Kelli!