Thursday, September 21, 2006

Gone are the Days of Elevator Music

This afternoon at work, I was riding in one of the elevators after lunch and read the following on the small flat-panel screen in the upper left corner above the doors (where weather updates, news headlines and fun facts are looped for the viewing pleasure of elevator passengers between floors):

"According to, Captain Jack Sparrow was the most searched pirate, over Blackbeard and Captain Hook, on National Talk Like a Pirate Day."

It made me think of a former colleague of mine in North Carolina so after exiting the elevator, walking down the long hallway and sitting back at my desk, I sent him an email with regard to the latest fun elevator fact. He knows why.

I guess flatscreen TVs are taking the place of elevator music. It's probably so we don't have to look at each other in such cramped quarters. Ever notice that people on elevators always look up (or down) anyway?

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