Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Not Exactly An Offer Yet, But An Opportunity on the Table

I don't know why New York just works really well for some people and others just can't catch a break - that is what the VP of Internet Advertising Sales said to me a couple of weeks ago. And now she might be the one who changes my New Yorker experience from just "going well" to "going really well."

This morning, she told me that she would really like to consider me for a permanent position within her department. She called me into her office, asking me to shut the door and have a seat. We had a brief conversation with regard to my career goals, which ended with her inviting me to apply for two of her open advertising sales positions. One of the positions has an event planning component in addition to advertising sales support, which I told her obviously attracts me more (because of my event planning background), but I'd love to be considered for either position. I will still have to go through the interview process with the other applicants, but I feel like I have a pretty good chance in securing a permanent position since I already have somewhat of an "in" with the company. She also said she'd go ahead and investigate the necessary steps in buying out my contract with the staffing agency in the event that I am the best candidate for one of the positions.

The initial misunderstanding about my assignment was that the staffing agency thought that I would be assisting the Internet Ad Sales department of this company in an event planning capacity, which was somewhat true as there was the roofdeck ad sales social event during my first week of employment. However, the dates of the contract continued through the end of September so the staffing agency assumed that the event was nearer the end of the contract. Thus, I thought I'd be assisting with a big event at the end of September, which is why I accepted the contract. However, after the event came and went, it was still just mid-August and I was subsequently thrown into an advertising sales role. With no true marketing or advertising background, I began to fear that I was in over my head. But according to the VP of Internet Ad Sales, I've apparently learned their sales systems really quickly, I get what they're trying to do there ... and suprisingly enough, the-Devil-wears-Prada "boss" even gave the VP her seal of approval in inviting me to apply.

I thought about it, but I didn't have to think long. I would like to work there permanently (for at least a minimum of a year) for several reasons: (1) the VP is fabulous. How many times can I say that in one blog? Working under her would be an invaluable learning experience. (2) As much as I often feel incompetent around the-Devil-wears-Prada "boss," I am a lot like her in a lot of little ways. Having the opportunity to continue to observe her in a high-stress, high-power environment will only benefit me. Plus, I am beginning to believe that if I can work with her, I can work with anybody in this city. (3) The building, in which this company occupies 3-4 floors, is directly adjacent to Bryant Park. It is a prime location right in between Grand Central Station and Times Square. Not bad for a girl who just arrived in New York City, fresh out of the South, from North Carolina one month ago.

This evening, I left work at seven o'clock - the earliest I've left the office since the middle of last week, and walked to a gym on 50th Street, where Tokii and I have just activated memberships. On my way there, I passed by Radio City Music Hall and saw some of the barricades standing-by for tomorrow night's MTV Music Awards. I took a picture on my phone and sent it to a friend of mine. We sort of have a running contest going to see who can send better pictures to each other throughout the week. I'm definitely winning. Now if only I can just score this job.

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Senorito<- Ako said...

congratulations !!! You're still young, don't cash-in on your skills yet. Develop "Marketable maturity" skillwise and $$$ will inevitably come with it.

Hope I'm making sense.