Monday, August 21, 2006

Literary Commutes and All Right

I love how the subway is often like a book club, especially during the early morning commute. We all crowd onto the train. Some listen to ipods, some stare off into space, but most of us are reading. Newspapers. Magazines. Books. I am finally finishing up "Stormy Weather" by Carl Hiassen. Subway commutes are the perfect way to catch up on some reading and it makes the distance between the Bronx and Grand Central seem shorter.

Angry "boss" has been redubbed all-right-with-me "boss." Not only has she been nicer lately, I am confident that she no longer views me as an idiot. I didn't get out of the office this evening until 7:30 p.m. trying to finish up several projects that the big "boss" - the VP of Internet Ad Sales - had given to me. I wanted to finish them up tonight so I could get started on something new tomorrow. I've already been prepped on the other projects waiting on the wings. I am excited that so many duties and responsibilities have been entrusted to me. I have no experience in Internet ad sales - much less within a major media company - and I've been dealing with a bit of a learning curve. But now that last week's event is behind us, I've been receiving a crash course in online advertising from my three bosses.

Anyway, all-right-with-me "boss" and I were the only two left in the office late this evening so we left together, took an elevator to the lobby, crossed 42nd Street and chatted in Bryant Park before she continued toward 41st Street and I descended the stairs of the subway to catch the 7 to Grand Central - with my book ready. [I could easily walk to Grand Central or to Times Square (as the office building is dead center between the two famous landmarks), but with all the temptation of clothing stores and shoe boutiques, it is safer for my credit card if I get below ground as soon as possible after work.]

I have to admit that I was certain that all-right-with-me boss would indefinitely view me as highly incompetent due to last week's shipping miscommunication. She is aggressive, meticulous and a little bit of a micromanager, but you also have to hand it to her because she gets shit done. And when it comes down to it, I'd rather work for someone who is difficult to work for but always has her staff prepared and sharp than work for an easy-going manager whose product is always sloppy. The balance between the two extremes would be the VP of Internet Ad Sales; like I said before, she is fabulous. But all-right-with-me "boss" has been a lot easier to work with since the stress of last week's event is behind her, and she is very helpful in teaching me the ropes of advertising. She even offered some encouraging advice on apartment hunting, and joked that if she ever finally moves to L.A. that she'd let me take over her Soho apartment that she occupies in a rent-stabilized building. It's still over $2000/month, but it's on the cheap end for 3-bedrooms in that upscale area. If only she were not joking. You know those "Let's get together sometime" dates that both of you know you'll never keep?

L.A. to her, I learned tonight, is what New York is to me. I was surprised that she was even interested in what brought me to the Big Apple. When I relayed my story, making every effort to give her the Reader's Digest version just in case she was only asking to be polite, she commented on how scary and exciting this time in my life must be.

Scary - a little. Exciting - absolutely. My life - exactly.

P.S. Happy Birthday, Mom!

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