Saturday, August 05, 2006

View from Lexington & E 40th

I woke up this morning/yesterday (it's 1:20 a.m. on Saturday so was Friday yesterday or today if I haven't gone to sleep yet?) in a pool of my own sweat, took an ice cold shower and tried to style my hair while my sweat kept gluing it to my neck, back and arms. I walked to the train with my Diet Mountain Dew in hand and trying to think of what to say when I arrived in the temp agency looking like I had just gone for a swim.

But when I got on the train, I noticed that everyone - businessmen and women, grandmothers, children, students - were all sweating as much as I was so I felt a little better. My visit to the staffing agency was more helpful than I expected. A staffing counselor had seen my resume on last week and called me to see if I'd be interested in meeting with her. I agreed even though Eileen (dubbed "My First New York Friend") has already recommended another agency that was really good to her when she was first seeking employment in the city. I plan to meet with the agency she used early next week. I don't expect to find my dream job or to be doing anything remotely close to what I like, but it'll pay bills.

I went to Home Depot, several Duane Reades, a Rite Aid and a PC Richards. No box fans. Still sold-out. At a corner store near the apartment I found a box fan for $27.99 and decided I'd rather sweat.

As I was walking back to Grand Central Station, I found one of my new favorite views in New York City - the view of the Chrysler Building from Lexington Avenue and East 40th Street, especially if the sky is as blue as it was today. This city is a true haven of architectural beauty and many of the different views are so artistic, especially if that is how you view the world. They say that you can distinguish the New Yorkers from the tourists because the tourists are always looking up. I hope I never stop looking up.


Señor Enrique said...

And do try to walk briskly please so as not to stop progress in NYC. Lol!

KJS said...

I'm holding my own in the walking-briskly department! :)